Cut Through the Confusing Social Security Filing Process

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The Social Security law is a federal law that provides disability benefits in the form of monetary and medical coverage to persons with a severe physical or mental impairment.

If you or someone you love suffers from a disability that makes it impossible to earn an income, Social Security Disability benefits may be available. If you are just starting the process, or if you have applied for benefits and been wrongly denied, we know how to get results. We help gather medical evidence, prepare you to testify at hearing, and assist in presenting your case to the Social Security Administration.

Whether your disability is the result of a workplace accident or any other type of accident or illness, you’ll find that our lawyers are committed to getting you the full benefits you deserve.

How Social Security Law Works

Social Security law is confusing and complex. The filing and hearing process is lengthy and can be discouraging. Most claims are routinely denied at the initial application level. If that happens, the next stage requires you to file an application for a hearing before an administrative law judge who will schedule a hearing, take testimony, review the facts and evidence in your case, and ultimately render a decision.

A lawyer can help you present the facts and medical evidence in the manner most favorable to your claim. Statistics show that when you’re represented by an attorney, the likelihood of winning your case substantially increases. Alvine Weidenaar LLP has years of experience and a track record of success representing Social Security Disability claimants. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind to focus on taking care of your health while we deal with the stress caused by the system.

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No attorney’s fees are charged on future Social Security Disability benefits. If no money is recovered, there are no attorney fees. All fees are discussed in detail the first time we meet with you.