We've recovered millions on behalf of our injured clients. We are aggressive and experienced and will do what we can to recover your lost wages and medical bills. Click on our results below to learn about some of the recent successes we've had for our clients. 

Our client received serious multiple bodily injuries in an industrial accident when a wall collapsed. Injuries sustained were to our client's back, knee and other internal injuries. We are proud to have secured this recovery for our client thereby ensuring his financial future. 

Our client suffered an electrocution injury while at work. This serious injury ultimately lead to permanent nerve damage. We assisted our client in a worker's compensation claim as well as a personal injury claim. 

Our young female client suffered a severe facial dog bite injury. We were successful in obtaining policy limits recovery to cover medical bills and pain and suffering.  

This accident occured on the 4th of July. Our client's leg and groin was badly burnt due to firework mishandling. Our firm helped secure a settlement that covered medical bills incurred, future medical bills and pain and suffering. 

We represented a young man who badly injured his leg in a motorcycle/car accident. We successfully handled liability issues with the insurance company and secured a settlement for our client. 

Our client was rear ended sustaining injuries that subsequently required surgeries to her shoulder and her neck.  Despite the property damage being insignificant, we realize each person's body reacts differently to trauma. We were succesful in proving damages and obtained policy limits for our client. 

Employee was driving a company vehicle when he was rear ended. Our client suffering a back injury. We assisted our client with a worker's compensation claim as well as a personal injury claim. 

Our client was a passenger in a van that veered off the road due to icy conditions. The injury sustained was a broken clavicle that subsequently required two surgeries. We were successful in recovering a settlement to cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. 

Our client was injured when a cement form fell on his leg causing a compound leg fracture. This recovery allowed our client to secure his financial future. 

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended. Our client suffered a low back injury ultimately requiring surgical repair. 

After a fall at work, our client was unable to return to work due to injuries sustained to her shoulder and knee. We assisted our client with a Social Security Disability claim as well as a worker's compensation claim. At Alvine|Weidenar, LLP, we strive for the best financial outcomes for our clients. 

Our client injured his shoulder at work when tripping over a pallet. He was unable to return to his full time job. We assisted our client with a worker's compensation settlement and a Social Security claim. 

After a rollover truck accident, our client's shoulder injury prevented him from returning to work fulltime at his previous wage. We were able to secure a worker's compensation settlement for him which ensured his financial future. 

Our client was injured when a vehicle backing up in a parking lot ran into her. Our client suffered severe leg/ankle injuries.